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ADHD Test via QbCheck

Assessment Tool – QbCheck

What is QbCheck?

QbCheck is an FDA cleared online ADHD test that supports early identification, assessment, treatment and monitoring of ADHD.

What age group can participate?

6-60 years old.

How is the assessment conducted?

QbCheck combines a computer task with breakthrough facial recognition technology by use of a web camera. During the test an individual uses the spacebar to respond to targets and his or her motor activity is registered by the web camera. No images are captured during the test. The test measures Hyperactivity, Impulsivity and Inattention.

How long does it take? Can I do this at home?

15-20 min depending on the individual’s age plus additional preparation time (set up, instruction etc.) No it has to be done at our clinic.

Would my insurance cover the cost? 

Some insurance covers fully, some do partially, and some don't. Please contact your insurance provider and our clinic for eligibility and cost.

Will I be able to practice before the test?